Library and Cultural Center in Jávea nominated for the ArchDaily’s 2018 Building of the Year Awards

Our built work Public Library and Socio-Cultural Center in Jávea, done in collaboration with José Moragues and…

Hipo 5 Futurable Presents, Presentable Futures published

The fifth issue Hipo 5 Futurable Presents, Presentable Futures from HipoTesis Numbered Issues is already published, with contributions from Ingrid Hufnagl, Damián Plouganou, Jaime Llorente and Ana Martínez-Pita. In his book Future Past, Reinhart Koselleck develops the so-called “history of concepts”, which invents a new time that attempts to…

Thinking Incubator in Otaniemi Spring 2018 studio course

Building Design studio – Spring Semester 2018
Aalto University Department of Architecture