HipoTesis has participated in the artistic project Unface Book. Evolutive book collaboratively written in a Facebook album, just published by Vibok Works from Paula Álvarez. Unface Book project has just been shortlisted to take part in the 2nd Istanbul Design Biennial.

Unface Book is an experimental publishing project aimed at using Facebook’s tools to generate an evolving book. This book unfolds inside an album of ‘Photos of You’ as a collection of intertwined thoughts exploring a given topic. An unwanted layer of meaning and utility is added to Facebook, so as to suggest deviant and dissonant uses, still supported by Facebook technologies. If design is about control, Unface Book tests accident. If posting usually focuses on the new and the present, Unface Book focuses on atemporal facts and values. If comments serve to share personal opinions inside walls and windows, Unface Book is about what crosses them, beyond design constrictions. If social networks promote transparency and openness, Unface Book explores opacity and inescrutability.

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As they are purely possible, “the possibles” never manage to do anything because, being infinitely possible, they will never touch reality. The fact that “the possibles” never do anything means that they never decide anything and therefore they never undertake or start anything (they only infinitely come close to something but they never touch it) and, consequently, nothing ends. Since only that which has been done (started or finished) can become a fact (rigid and irreversible), the possible worlds are worlds without rigidity, without facts, where nobody comes to life (or achieve the plasticity of life for that matter) and nobody can die (or achieve the rigidity of a cadaver).

Image: Roma Interrota: Giambattista Nolli. Nuova Pianta di Roma and Nuova Pianta di Roma interpretated by Piero Sartogo, Costantino Dardi, Antoine Grumbach, James Stirling, Paolo Portoghesi, Romaldo Giurgola, Robert Venturi, Colin Rowe, Michael Graves, Robert Krier, Aldo Rossi, Leon Krier. © Architectural Design, Vol. 49, N. 3-4, 1979, p. 2-3.

Text: Pardo, José Luis. The Rule of the Game. On the Difficulty of Learning Philosophy. Barcelona: Galaxia Gutenberg, 2004, p. 208.