Vibok Works, publishing project from Paula V. Álvarez, has just published an interview to HipoTesis:

HipoTesis is an experimental periodical publication conceived in late 2009 by Fernando Nieto, Katerina Psegiannaki and Francisco Triviño. In the words of its creators, HipoTesis reflects and develops upon “an indefinite theoretical concern mainly in the field of architecture, eager to feed off other disciplines such as philosophy, pedagogy, art or sociology”.

Launched online in January 2010, HipoTesis has been one of the first magazines of architecture to explore collage, commentary, fortune, assembly and games under the new practices in writing, reading and socializing linked to ICT development and the rise of social networks. HipoTesis converges well with the exploration route opened in recent years by various capsule-magazines in architecture and culture –such as Engawa, Bipublications or From Spam to Maps– with the uniqueness of venturing into an editorial process that emphasizes collective construction and carries an important handcrafted component. To celebrate the newly launched Hipo N, third issue of a fruitful collaboration with Pedagogías Invisibles, and whose participants will meet on May 16 at a party in Matadero, we conducted this interview.