The work 42 Social Housing in Barajas Expansion (Madrid), done with Marta Barrera and Alfredo Diez, has been shortlisted to take part in the exhibition parenthesis “Our First Work”, the first exhibition of a series on Madrid architectural practices which will run until spring time in LASEDE COAM in Madrid. The exhibition series is promoted by the Association of Architects of Madrid (COAM) and COAM Architecture Foundation, and it is curated by Paula García-Masedo and Gonzalo Pardo.

Our First Work anticipates, in many cases, what is to come. Obsessions, desires and references, which probably last a lifetime, are latent in this first experience. It is a horizontal and collective exhibition, a constellation of early works arranged according to the age of architects when they were completed. No matter the size or budget, or even the context in which these 94 works were carried out by professionals who have studied in Madrid since the mid-twentieth century to the present. Common to all is that it was the former. Our First Work is a testimony to the trace of time in the profession, and to architecture in Madrid particularly. Non exhaustive, it shows seventy years of transformations in the profession of architect, as well as in education, ideologies or instruments.

The opening of the series of exhibitions parenthesis will be next Thursday, December 11th at 20:00 in LASEDE COAM (Hortaleza, 63) in Madrid.

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