HipoTesis in SOBRE N4 journal Artistic and editorial practices

SOBRE journal‘s fourth issue N4 on artistic practices and publishing policies features HipoTesis Alphabetical Issues as a publishing laboratory together with the best national publishing practices related to architecture. The publication is the result of the II seminar SOBRE held at the School of Architecture of the University of…

Juhani Pallasmaa, guest critic in TIO studio final review

The final review of the Building Design studio course Thinking Incubator in Otaniemi will be held next Tuesday May 15th at 13:15 at Aalto University Department of Architecture, with Juhani Pallasmaa, Antti Ahlava and Toni Kotnik as guest critics. The event is part of Aalto Festival 2018 group of…

Hipo 6 The Function of Function Call for papers

HipoTesis Numbered Issues is searching for collaborations for the sixth issue Hipo 6 in the form of texts between 4000 and 5000 words. Send to hipo@hipo-tesis.eu an abstract of 700 words maximum by June 9th. The editorial team will select the proposals to be developed within the new issue….

Exit School of Architecture exhibition catalogue

The exhibition “Exit School of Architecture” was held in September 12-29, 2017 in the Dipoli building on the Otaniemi campus, within Human Cities Helsinki 2017, the group of activities held at Aalto University last September as part of the European project Human Cities_Challenging the City Scale 2014-2018. The Exit…

13th BEAU Alternatives in Madrid

The 13th Spanish Architecture and Urbanism Biennial (BEAU) will be exhibited in the Exhibition Hall Arquería de los Nuevos Ministerios in Madrid from February 8th, 2018. The Biennial of Architecture and Urbanism is an initiative of the Ministry of Development in collaboration with the Higher Council of Spanish Architects’…

Library and Cultural Center in Jávea, among the 12 most popular built works in 2017 in Plataforma Arquitectura

Our built work Public Library and Socio-Cultural Center in Jávea, done in collaboration with José Moragues and Ricardo Paternina, is one of the 12 most popular Spanish built works in 2017 in Plataforma Arquitectura. You can see the 12 works here.

Library and Cultural Center in Jávea nominated for the ArchDaily’s 2018 Building of the Year Awards

Our built work Public Library and Socio-Cultural Center in Jávea, done in collaboration with José Moragues and Ricardo Paternina, has been nominated for the Building of the Year 2018 Awards in the category of Cultural Architecture by the online architectural magazine ArchDaily. You can vote for the work here.

Hipo 5 Futurable Presents, Presentable Futures published

The fifth issue Hipo 5 Futurable Presents, Presentable Futures from HipoTesis Numbered Issues is already published, with contributions from Ingrid Hufnagl, Damián Plouganou, Jaime Llorente and Ana Martínez-Pita. In his book Future Past, Reinhart Koselleck develops the so-called “history of concepts”, which invents a new time that attempts to…

Thinking Incubator in Otaniemi Spring 2018 studio course

Building Design studio – Spring Semester 2018
Aalto University Department of Architecture

Article in Architectural Research in Finland 2017

The new magazine Architectural Research in Finland, Vol.1, no.1 (2017) has just been published, including the article Architecture in Suspension. Disruptive practices within the state of exception, co-authored with Francisco G. Triviño. The research was presented at the 7th Annual Symposium of Architectural Research in Finland, organized by the…