Exit School of Architecture exhibition catalogue

The exhibition “Exit School of Architecture” was held in September 12-29, 2017 in the Dipoli building on the…

13th BEAU Alternatives in Madrid

The 13th Spanish Architecture and Urbanism Biennial (BEAU) will be exhibited in the Exhibition Hall Arquería…

Hipo 5 Futurable Presents, Presentable Futures published

The fifth issue Hipo 5 Futurable Presents, Presentable Futures from HipoTesis Numbered Issues is already published, with contributions from Ingrid Hufnagl, Damián Plouganou, Jaime Llorente and Ana Martínez-Pita. In his book Future Past, Reinhart Koselleck develops the so-called “history of concepts”, which invents a new time that attempts to…

Article in Architectural Research in Finland 2017

The new magazine Architectural Research in Finland, Vol.1, no.1 (2017) has just been published, including the article Architecture in Suspension. Disruptive practices within the state of exception, co-authored with Francisco G. Triviño. The research was presented at the 7th Annual Symposium of Architectural Research in Finland, organized by the…

Doctoral thesis shortlisted in competition arquia/tesis 2017

My doctoral dissertation has been shortlisted in the 11th Biennial Competition for Doctoral Dissertations in Architecture arquia/tesis 2017 by Arquia Foundation, together with other 25 theses among a total of 176 submitted. Arquia Foundation is a Barcelona-based foundation boosting the diffusion of the architectural culture with the aim of…

Human Cities_Challenging the City Scale / Bilbao 2017

This week I will participate in the event Human Cities_Challenging the City Scale / Bilbao 2017 on behalf of Aalto University-Helsinki team and together with my colleagues at Group X.The group of events consists of exhibitions, seminars and workshops in different locations including the Azkuna Zentroa (former Alhóndiga Bilbao)….

Sharing playfulness – Human Cities Helsinki 2017

Find in the next link the summary of the past Human Cities Helsinki 2017 group of events held in September: Sharing Playfulness – Human Cities Helsinki 2017. Other stories of the cities involved in the project can be found filtering by category or city here.

Presentation at Mid-Autumn Festival in Espoo

Next Thursday September 14th I will do a presentation on School as a Service in Aalto City at the Mid-Autumn Festival 2017 in Espoo, within the forum Sustainable Solutions for Urban Challenges, an annual forum for Finnish and Chinese businesses to meet and network in a ward and informal…

Presentation at NET Forum Finland 2017 in Helsinki

Next Thursday September 14th I will do a presentation on the School as a Service concept at the NET Forum Finland 2017, a forum on education to be held in Wanha Satama, Helsinki.

Human Cities Helsinki 2017 exhibition and workshop

In September 2017 Group X representing Aalto University, Helsinki partner in the Human Cities network, welcomes the other partners from ten European cities to a unique international creative event “Human Cities_Challenging the City Scale/Helsinki 2017” featuring an exhibition and a collaborative workshop as part of Helsinki Desing Week 2017….