The book Colección JIDA. Texts on Architecture, Teaching and Innovation 3 has just been published by the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (Iniciativa Digital Politècnica) and Grup per a la Innovació i la Logística Docent en l’Arquitectura (GILDA). It includes one of my papers titled “X-ing Disciplines from Architecture. The Case of Aalto ARTS” in co-authorship with Antti Ahlava, which I presented at the International Conference on Teaching Innovation JIDA’15 (III Workshop on Educational Innovation in Architecture) held at the School of Architecture in Barcelona (ETSAB) in 2015. The contribution is part of the conference field related to the relationship between professional practice and university teaching.

Texts on Architecture, Teaching and Innovation witness the “Conference on Teaching Innovation in Architecture” (JIDA), conveying different reflections on the discipline teaching. They are a debate framework addressed to teachers, students, professionals and other people interested in the idiosyncrasy of architects training. The collection aims at broadening viewpoints and expanding knowledge of Architecture through the description and analysis of current and past teaching practices. Consequently, pedagogical experiences are gathered offering a small current panorama of the teaching of Architecture at both national and international level.

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