In the context of the Human Cities partners meeting, to be held in Milan on April 13th-15th, the exhibition “Human Cities_ Challenging the City Scale/Milano” will be showed, where Group X at Aalto University is taking part showing the projects “School as a Service” and “Exit School of Architecture”.

Within the first one, some results of the studio course “Labs for Learners” will be exhibited, course held at the Department of Architecture at Aalto University in autumn semester 2015, where I have taken part as a teacher with Antti Ahlava and Jarmo Suominen.

The studio course is the continuation of the education workshops held in summers 2014 and 2015 as a collaboration between Aalto University and the Royal College of Art in London, investigating project based learning experiences, flipped classrooms and community based education for young people.

hc milan exhibition_aalto