The magazine “proyecto, progreso, arquitectura” from Universidad de Sevilla has just published my paper The System as a Place. Three Collectivization Strategies of the Contemporary Domestic Space on its last issue “Habitat and habitation” (no. 9). The abstract of the paper is next:

The article attempts to define a set of strategies of generation for the current collective domestic space, through the analysis of certain mechanisms based on the systematization of the project processes. To this end a confrontation is established between three contemporary research works on the collective habitat: Gifu, Plus and Elemental, and individual examples extracted from some collective housing manuals of the XX century: Klein, Alexander and Habraken. The theories of these three authors are based on a domestic spatial taxonomy from three baseline concepts: form, boundaries and time, which allow the establishment of a system of parameters external to a specific context: system of spaces, system of thresholds and system of supports. The studied examples of collective housing redefine, in current terms, some of the ideas proposed by the benchmark theories, pointing to a kind of generic categorization of types of living space.

You can read and download the full article here.

proyecto, progreso, arquitectura” magazine is an initiative of a group of lecturers at Departament of Architectural Projects at Universidad de Sevilla, and it is edited by the Secretariat of Publications:

Our journal, “proyecto, progreso, arquitectura”, founded in 2010, is an initiative of the Research Group HUM-632 of the University of Seville and its objective is the sharing and debating of research within architecture. This six-monthly scientific publication, in paper and digital format, publishes original works that have not been previously published in other journals. The article selection process consists of a double blind system involving two external reviewers, following the usual protocols for serial scientific publications. The titles, summaries and key words of articles are also published in English. “proyecto, progreso, arquitectura” presents a clear, easy and flexible structure. It deals with all the subjects relating to the theory and the practise of the architectural project. The different “open themes” that compose our editorial line are sources for the conjunction of diverse investigations. The journal is directed toward architects, students, researchers and professionals related to the planning and the accomplishment of the architectural work.