Project: HipoTesis. Research Platform: place for editorial, experimental and scientific meetings
    Directors-Editors: Francisco G. Triviño, Fernando Nieto, Katerina Psegiannaki
    Type: Publication platform of experimental journal (Alphabetical Issues) and scientific journal (Numbered Issues)
    Date of creation: October 2009
    Recognitions: Shortlisted in VIII Latin American Biennial of Architecture and Urban Planning (BIAU) in the category ‘Other Supports’ (2012). Award in the 13th Spanish Biennial of Architecture and Urban Planning (XIII BEAU) in the categories ‘Research, Dissemination, Digital publications/Blogs’ and ‘Research, Dissemination, Books/Magazines’ (2016). FAD Award Thought and Critique [ex aequo] (2016)


    The aim of HipoTesis is to create a network that links and intermediates in the creation of the necessary conditions for fructiferous dialogue to happen. Other objectives include the channelling of intellectual purposes, the will to structure thoughts and the desire to encourage the development of doctoral theses. This context is designed to embrace the exchange of personal thoughts in the form of experiences, readings and reflections. This space shall enable and facilitate communication, situating it under a creative and productive regime. HipoTesis has two issues of online published magazines: the Alphabetical Issues, an experimental magazine based on the interchange of brief texts; and the Numbered Issues, which include longer essays and are indexed in some of the most influential scientific databases.

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