houses in finland



    Title: Casas en Finlandia/Houses in Finland
    Guest editor: Fernando Nieto
    Publication date: May 2022
    Journal: CASAS Internacional no. 188
    ISBN: 978-1-64360-645-3
    ISSN: 0328-2406
    Publisher: Nobuko/Diseño Editorial
    Director: Guillermo R. Kliczkowski
    Publishing coordination: Marcelo Camerlo
    Introduction: Fernando Nieto
    Graphic design: Maia Elkin
    Translation: Marina Mercer
    Assistant: Ana Morelli
    Digital design and CAD: Liliana Foguelman


    The selection of houses included in this issue, made from a foreign and personal viewpoint ─ and therefore inevitably biased ─ is limited to single-family homes built in this Nordic country during the current century. Going beyond taxonomies based on formal or typological features ─ in an exercise to reduce them to their essence, they could all be seen as the same house ─, we will give some views of each one keeping in mind Aalto’s idea about the two facets of every Finnish house and focused on three issues relatable to all of them, in the form of three cultures, which explain the relationship the houses establish between architecture and nature: individual culture, experimental culture, and material culture.
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