Projects: Research projects SOCIETAL, SocialBlock and AIsola within The Intelligent Society Platform (INSO)
    Type: Multidisciplinary research projects
    Participants: Fernando Nieto and Rosana Rubio as SPREAD research group’s members from Tampere University’s Faculty of Built Environment in collaboration with other faculties at Tampere University
    Role: Project PI (SOCIETAL and AIsola) and PI of research group participant in the consortium (SocialBlock)
    Date: 2019-2022


    The Intelligent Society Platform (INSO) is a groundbreaking initiative and key profiling spearhead area at Tampere University seeking to strengthen cooperation in research on the university’s strategy axis connecting the areas of ‘society’ and ‘technology’. The aim is to contribute to the development of a sustainable and equal (intelligent) society through interdisciplinary cooperation.

    The research projects SOCIETAL, SocialBlock and AIsola have explored topics such as the balance between independence and isolation among older adults in living environments with the help of technology and architectural and urban design, the enhancement of community interaction and sharing of spaces through intelligent technologies and architectural design in order to advance the sustainable development of urban areas, and the assessment of social isolation among older adults by means of social, technology-based and architectural studies.

    The projects have combined the disciplines of social psychology, social philosophy, gerontology, human-technology interaction, wireless positioning, factory automation, construction management and economics, urban and environmental policy, and architectural design, with expertise brought by different research groups belonging to five faculties at Tampere University (Faculty of Social Sciences, Faculty of Information Technology and Communication Sciences, Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences, Faculty of Management and Business and Faculty of Built Environment).

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