Title: Loneliness and the Built Environment (LOBE)
    Type: research project and publication at Tampere University, Faculty of Built Environment
    Funding: Sustainable Welfare Systems (SWS) and the Intelligent Society (INSO) platforms, profiling initiatives at Tampere University
    Researchers and editors: Fernando Nieto, Rosana Rubio
    Year: 2019-2023
    Publication date: April 2022
    Publisher: Tampere University Press
    Collection: DATUTOP Occasional Papers no. 40
    Texts: Ben L. Mijuskovic, Christina R. Victor, Juhani Pallasmaa, Javier Echeverría, Lola S. Almendros, Atxu Amann, Flavio Martella, Fernando Nieto, Rosana Rubio
    Recognitions: Mention in COAM Awards 2022 – 50 Anniversary in ‘Dissemination’ category by the Professional Association of Architects in Madrid (2022). Shortlisted at 16th Spanish Biennial of Architecture and Urbanism (XVI BEAU) in ‘Research and dissemination’ category (2023)
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    The Loneliness and the Built Environment (LOBE) research project aims at analysing the phenomenon of loneliness from the perspective of the built environment and architecture. Architecture can be defined as the mediator between the two human poles of individuality and the desire to belong to a community. It is this reading of architecture that motivated the organisation of a seminar on loneliness and the built environment at the Tampere University’s Faculty of Built Environment in December 2019. The seminar addressed the phenomenon from a multidisciplinary perspective. The invited keynote speakers represented the fields of philosophy and psychology, public health and architecture. The three seminar lectures became the articles included in the final publication, as well as two extra articles offering further perspectives on the topic from symmetrical ─ physical and virtual ─ viewpoints. The full set of texts offers an equidistant and unprejudiced outlook on the question of loneliness with the built environment as the common ground.
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