Next Wednesday April 29th at 19.00, we will present the magazine Block|Buster just published, done with José Manuel López Ujaque for HipoTesis Alphabetical Issues, at the library and art gallery Panta Rhei in Madrid (Hernán Cortés, 7).

In November 1982 AutoCAD version 1.0 was released, and just two months later, in its updated version 1.4, the famous “blocks” were born in order to repeat a figure on one or various projects, so that it could be explained in scale and program through them. Thirty years later, all of us (as architects) have internalized and assumed blocks as a familiar and indispensable tool in our practice. However, today, despite its validity, they are nothing more than legacy drawings, anesthetized and frozen in time; information that has lost “its original color”. They have been neutralized over the years because we have not made the effort to update them. We are new individuals, more heterogeneous, we have new habits and we meet in a different way. The scenarios and ways of life, whether we like it or not, are different than how blocks used to show them. This issue of the magazine, including within its Alphabetical Issues as Hipo P, brings fifteen graphic thoughts on how significant “blocks” are within architecture and turbulent society in which we are engaged today.

You can see the video presentation of the magazine here, and enrol the event here.